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A minimally invasive,  simple, rapid, cost-effective solution for the treatment of varicose veins.

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Selective closure of superficial veins through percutaneous access under UltraSound guidance.

VCD delivers two bioabsorbable clips through a needle under ultrasound guide, to selectively close incompetent veins in one or multiple locations.

How it


Through a minimally invasive approach, the procedure can be completed using the device either as a stand-alone alternative to surgical ligature, or in combination with other techniques, like non-thermal ablation therapies, maximizing treatment efficacy and minimizing the related risks.


Five great benefits to varicose veins treatment in one medical device, thanks to its innovative technology and versatility.


Thanks to our device, the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis, thus avoiding surgery

Minimally invasive

Our solution makes it possible to minimize the invasiveness of the procedure, so as to decrease all related risk


Device costs are reduced compared with surgery and other technologies available on the market


Is a percutaneous treatment, thanks to the needle where the device is placed, this makes it safer and less invasive than traditional surgery.

Simple and fast procedure

This device allows you to treat varicose veins quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of complications and recovery time.

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